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From the "Mum" of a happy furry-customer:

"Graham is the cat whisperer. He took my stroppy 9kg ginger tom and had him purring like a kitten while he shaved his belly without being put to sleep - a feat even my vet did not think was possible! He has a total way with cats and comes equipped with a suitcase of tools. He deknotted my cat, gave him a shorter cut and checked his ears, teeth and clipped his claws. He is simply amazing and I recommend him to anyone who has a long hair (mine is adventurous and the long hair and penchant for biting means he can be a little hard to groom). I have never seen anything like it and it is money totally well spent for a purr-fect service"
- Phoebe


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Mobile service • Trimming • Belly clips • De-knotting • Brushing • Ear cleaning • nail clipping • Shampoo • Blow-dry

Areas: Auckland City, East Auckland, West Auckland, South Auckland, North Shore, Rodney, Hibiscus Coast

Fluffy cats are beautiful, but they can be difficult to maintain and not always obliging when approached with a brush!
Take the stress out of grooming your fur-baby and put them in the experienced hands of Affordable Mobile Cat Grooming!

Few cats enjoy a car ride, so we come to you. Being groomed in their own home removes the stress of a strange environment.

Nail Clipping
Did you know that most domestic cats should have their nails trimmed?   If a cat's nails grow too long they can get hooked on carpet or other fabrics and if the cat panics, the nail can tear.   Ingrown nails can also occur, causing pain and sometimes infection. Scratching posts can help, but are often not enough.

Ear Cleaning
Is your cat ignoring you, or is it that he can't hear you? Another important part of caring for your cat is making sure that their ears are kept clean. This should only be done by, or carefully following the instructions of, a vet or professional cat groomer.


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